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Fr. Mario Dacechen, OSBM — Pastor 
o. Маріо Да
цишин , ЧСВВ — Парох

Fr. Yosafat-Andriy Koval, OSBM — Associate 
o. Йосафат-Андрій Коваль, ЧСВВ — Сотрудник

Office Hours: Mon, Tues, Thurs: 12:00 to 4:00 PM

Години роботи секретарки: Пон, Вів, Чет, 12:00 до 4:00 по пол.

Confessions: before the Divine Liturgy or by appointment

Сповідь: перед відправою або за домовленістю


Baptisms: by appointment with the pastor

Хрищення: за домовленням з парохом

Weddings: arrangements made with the pastor 6 months in advance

Вінчання: необхідно звернутися до Пароха за 6 місяців

перед вінчання

Visiting the Sick: please notify the office about loved ones in the hospital/nursing home

Відвідини хворих: просимо повідомити нас про недужих нашої парафії

Funerals: please contact the pastor before making arrangements with the funeral home

Похорон: просимо зв’язатися з парохом перш ніж домовлятися із похоронним заведенням

Divine Liturgies  | Служби Божі


10:00 AM (Ukrainian)  

9:00 AM (Ukrainian) and 5:00 PM (English)

7:30 AM (Ukrainian)

Holy Days~Свята

9:00 AM (Ukrainian)
6:00 PM (on Days of Obligation)


Daily before the Divine Liturgy~Щоденно перед Божественною Літургією


M/M John Kuzemka $4,000., M/M Alex Rojowsky $2,000., M/M Steven Miss &1,200., M/M A. & J. Tychanski $1,000., Mr. John Salak $900., Mr. Brian Plumacher $500., M/M M.& R. O’Hara $1,000., M/M Roman Kostiuk $300., M/M N. Duchowych $200., M/M. Roman Szuper $200., Mrs. Anna Wojtowich $150., Ms. Irene Reid $100., Mrs. Eva Raczynky $150., Ms. Leslie A Lyga $100., Mr. Wolodymyr Jawdoszyn. $10.00., Mrs. Olga Kapusta $100. M/M I. S. Gyvel $100., Mrs. Irina Olenskyj $100., Holy Cross Rosary Society $500., M/M J.& N. Junko $100., Mr. John Salak $500., M/M I. M Prin $400., M/M I. Liber $100., Ms. Jane M. Galaga $100., M/M Diluzio $25.00.,M/M D. M. Mohorovich $250.00.,


Recitation of the Rosary: 9:30 am Sundays before the Divine Liturgy

The prayer group "Mothers in Prayer" invites all who can, to join them in prayer at our church every last Saturday of the month at 6:00 PM

Holy days in the month of September: 

September 8: Nativity of the Holy Mother of God  

September 14: Elevation of the Holy Cross

Weekly Eternal Lamp Offerings: $7
Regular Church candles: $2 For weekly: $5

We have 4 Lamps available.

Collections in August

Beautification Fund / Transfiguration / Dormition of the BVM, Mother of God 

Our Parishioners

Our Church Feast Day - Sunday September 24th

The day will begin with a solemn Holy Liturgy at 10 a.m. during which numerous priests will participate. We will be commemorating two jubilees of priesthood: Fr. Bernard Panczuk’s 60th anniversary and Fr. Walter Rybitsky’s 40th anniversary. On this day, our parish will welcome Fr. Walter Rybitsky as its newest associate, while bidding farewell to fathers Bernard Panczuk and Yosafat-Andriy Koval. The cost of a luncheon ticket is $50 per person. Please purchase by September 12.


As we continue to renovate the church (gas supply) and our kitchen (under the church) is still not working, we will not hold our traditional parish festival, but will only have a raffle, the proceeds of which will be used for the renovation work. After receiving (by mail) lottery tickets (two booklets), please purchase them. Those who want more books can buy them in the parish office.

Previous Week's Mass Collection

Church Collection: $1058 |  Ukraine Collection: $367

If you would like to light a weekly candle for Ukraine, two are available.


Mnohaya Lita and Happy September Birthdays to: 
Mykhaylo Dukmovych, Ihor Pavlishyn, Teodore Matwijuk, Wasyl Mychajluk, Ivan Krekhovetskyy, Bohdan Swituszak, Maria Diakiwsky, Orest Pich, Julian Tychanski, Nataliya Boychuk, Yuriy Nabesnyy, Eva Raczynsky, Marta Makuch ,Nataliya Krupa , Lwsya Horochivsky, Illya Matsko.

To all our generous donors and parish supporters,
we extend our love and gratitude!

Have a blessed day!

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